Why try to re-invent the Vampire myth or explore its many possibilities when you can just go bonkers with the granddaddy of them all? At least that’s what Summit appears to ruminate, since bloodsuckers have done great things for them lately (over $500M great things…). But just to make sure they keep raking it in, the studio got Brad Pitt involved as well.

Pitt’s Plan B production shingle (you know, that company he started with Jen Anniston before he went off to Jolie-er pastures…) is getting behind Summit’s project VLAD, from a script by Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunman. The gang is looking at video music director Anthony Mandler (nice fist name…) to make it his debut feature film.

The pitch would look at the mortal life of Vlad the Impaler as he reigned over Wallachia, but with a visual/action twist; Zach Snyder’s testosterone-laced 300 is being used as a reference. So we can kiss historical accuracy goodbye. Could be cool though, depending on who they cast as the titular prince -’cause Pitt will only produce, and not take his shirt off for the camera, sorry ladies… Who here wants to thrown in a name?? Other then Sam Worthington - getting sick of him already…

(Thanks to TwilightGrl09 for the heads-up)

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