A larger-than-life rat was discovered recently in a market in China with blood-red vampire fangs. According to this source, the rat was 6 times the normal size and it’s teeth were 2 cm long! It was discovered caught in a fruit basket that it eventually gnawed its way out of. Not that we’re surprised or anything. The rat was classified to be a bamboo rat, a rat local to the area but to me, if I was told that it was bitten by a vampire — I’d believe it.

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ayusaga said: I don’t know if I should find it cute or gross. XD

Me neither loal

I don’t know if I should find it cute or gross. XD

Ew ew ew ew Dx

Scaring!!! *runs away* Ç_Ç I feel bad for this rat!!

If that isnt the oddest and creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life 0_0

where did the rat come from?!
it’s scary!!>__<

look at its discolored teeth!!!!

eww very disgusting!

Thats so freakyyy

That looks really scary XD

oh my gosh that think is huge!



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