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From Wirebot: Ever wondered who would win in a battle that is only on par with the Cloud and Sephiroth showdown? Thanks to the magic of Youtube, we can now find out what would happen in the wonderful world of puzzle action game, Scribblenauts. W00t! More »

From Ningin: Thanks to the likes of Anne Rice and Laurell K. Hamilton, vampires have become increasingly popular in the West- and increasingly romanticized. Sure, Rice wasn’t the first to write about handsome, brooding vamps, but she did light the match that started the fire. Now we have Twilight, with its oh-so-sexy vampires that sparkle in the sun. More »

In an effort to probably limit the amount of hot men featured on the CW’s Vampire Diaries, it’s been reported that Joss Whedon-favorite Gina Torres (Angel, Firefly) will be joining the show next week as Bree, Damon Salvatore’s old chum. Sources say she’ll be instrumental in using her witch-like abilities to bring life back to old vampire flame, Katherine. Aside from Torres, co-creator/producer Kevin Williamson recently expressed to E! his interest in Taylor Swift joining the cast. More »

From Ningin: These days, I’m reading a great book that I highly recommend called Ninginlight. It was written by this super prolific author, Jinra Meyer. This book is seriously so good, you have to read this passage in the book: “About three things I was absolutely certain. The first, SwanDiary is Ningin’s sister vampire site. The second, Ningin is celebrating SwanDiary’s launch by kicking off the Ningin Bloodsucker Special, a vampire-themed week filled with Asian pop culture goodness. And third, I am sure you will be unconditionally and irrevocably in love with all the specials we have planned. It’ll suck…in a good way. More »

From Ningin: Although you know Twilight’s Justin Chon as human Eric Yorkie, I’m happy to say that the humanity doesn’t stop there. After chatting with him yesterday for a few minutes he’s easily made it on my list of super down-to-earth people. That my friends, is a good list to be on. Aside from earning a spot on that list, he was able to dish on the upcoming New Moon movie and fill us in on what he’s been up to since we last chatted. A few times, he even turned the tables on me by asking me questions. More »

No other man has made my mid-90s tween heart palpitate nearly as fast as Bush’s Gavin Rossdale has. Not even Justin Timberlake when he was known as a member of N’Sync. I was brokenhearted over the news of him shacking up with Gwen Stefani and forming a painfully adorable family then. Flash forward to today, and I’m proud to say that as a 43 year old, he’s still got it going on — as a vampire featured on last night’s episode of CBS’ Criminal Minds. More »

Not that you need someone to tell you that the vampire craze shows no signs of stopping in the film industry, but this week in vampire film news has been particularly…random. Random in a good way, of course. Especially if you’re a big Mad Men fan or you’re like me and you pretty much have the Clueless script memorized from beginning to end. More »

For Twi-hards and non-Twihards alike, one extra Twilight parody never hurts. Kind of late in the game, Saturday Night Live delivered it’s own Twilight parody, “Firelight” starring Taylor Swift this past weekend. Now, don’t get me wrong — I totally love Taylor Swift. This isn’t to say that I didn’t think Firelight was funny, it just fell a little flat with the humor at times. While it is true that Beyonce had one of the best music videos of all time, I’d let Taylor Swift finish. And then show her other Twilight parodies that I think are funnier just because they deserve the recognition. More »

Hello Kitty, everyone’s favorite pussy, just turned 35 this month. As internationally loved and adored as she is for being a cultural icon for cute, I’m totally convinced that Hello Kitty is actually a vampire. Whether you love Hello Kitty or not, here are my top reasons to believe Hello Kitty is a vampire: More »

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