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In addition to Colin Farell joining the cast of the Fright Night remake, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin’ from Superbad) and David Tennant (Doctor Who). More »

When news of Stephenie Meyer’s Bree Tanner Twilight spinoff book dropped, I’ll admit — I couldn’t remember who Bree Tanner was in the saga. Even despite having read the entire saga! For those like me, Summit has released a featurette on Bree Tanner as played by Jordelle Ferland. More »

Nina Dobrev and fellow Vampire Diaries castmates Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder were recently spotted in London hanging out of their hotel, waving to fans. More »

Last month we launched a giveaway of a New Moon Blu-ray as part of our Memorable May special. That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the winner. Drum roll, please. More »

Just when we thought we’d only see just two Eclipse trailers — the Internet unloads a new Eclipse movie clip on us. This one’s special in that it features newborn vampire Riley. The new clip is entitled, “Missing,” and gives a little back story on Riley’s character played by actor Xavier Samuel. More »

Oh, June 13 can you get here any faster? An extended True Blood trailer for season 3 has been released recently. Although longer, it still doesn’t satisfy our thirst for True Blood. More »

Last month we launched a giveaway of a True Blood Season 2 Blu-Ray as part of our Memorable May Special. That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the winner. Drum roll, please. More »

I’ll admit — I’ve never seen The Lost Boys when it was out in the ’80s. I know, shame on me. I recently found out that a sequel has been released and now at the end of the year, a third installment, The Lost Boys: The Thirst will be released as a direct-to-DVD movie. Looking at this trailer, I guess it answers my question of, “What’s Corey Feldman been up to lately?” More »

This is surely some surprising news — apparently Ashlee Simpson was being heavily considered for Nina Dobrev’s role of Elena on the Vampire Diaries. More »

The Pixel Project was founded as an effort to fight violence against women. Currently they’re aiming to raise $1 million to be shared between the USA’s National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Malaysia’s Women’s Aid Organisation via a groundbreaking online micro-donation fundraiser in which a 1-million pixel mystery collage of 4 to 6 globally known Celebrity Male Role Models will be unveiled as donors “buy” each pixel for US$1.00. True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard is one of 5 nominees selected as a celebrity male role model for this cause! More »



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