Personally, I have nothing against the idea of a romanticized vampire, which is a concept much older than Edward Cullen; after all, the first literary vampire was a refined and suave nobleman. But just as old if not even more is the idea that vampires are savage beasts with no shred of humanity but much more akin to a cross between Predator and Colonel Kurtz. Such as the one in upcoming Horror/Action flick King of Vampires. More »

It’s quite possible that the latest addition to The Vampire Diaries cast, Kelly Hu, might just be the first Asian vampire on the small screen. According to E! Online, she’ll make her debut on Jan. 28 as an apothecary named Pearl. Apothecaries can be vampires, right? The kind that sell vervain on the black market, perhaps? While it’s not clear if she’ll be among the living dead or plain human, I really think it’s time that we see a vampire of Asian descent. So far, most major Hollywood vamps have been of the European variety. More »

The Twilight Saga might have had as many fans as detractors, whether it be the novels or the (as of yet) two films, there still seems to be an emerging consensus between the two factions that the fourth entry of the book series, Breaking Dawn, has to become a motion picture. More »

It’s tough being a commercial vampire. Due to the current society we live in today and all the new technology that comes along with it, being a vampire just isn’t enough it seems. You have to be attractive, show off a caring attitude for humanity by refraining from human blood and you have to sparkle and out-queer each other. More »

From Ningin: What’s better than a British person with a British accent speaking Korean? New Moon star Robert Pattinson, speaking Korean with a British accent. Personally, he can speak whatever language he wants and it’d still have the effect of busting my ovaries. The SBS reporter can attest to this after having recently interviewed Robert Pattinson about New Moon. More »

This one was so obvious I can’t fathom no one actually thought of it before: make the synthetic blood from HBO’s hit show into a real product we can waste spend our money on! Yes, boys and girls of Bon Temps and beyond, it’s TRU BLOOD: THE THIRST QUENCHER! More »

Romance is a wonderful thing, but most vampires aren’t hunkish vegans nor prone to drinking synthetic material from a cool-looking bottle acquired at the corner store. Since chances are any vampire encountered might actually bleed you dry so to speak, everyone should be made aware of those 5 simple yet effective tips to survive unfortunate nightly encounters of the AB-Negative type… More »

From Wirebot:

OMG okay so this video is HILARIOUS. It’s a parody of New Moon, the new movie that came out November 20, 2009, from the Twilight series. But what makes it funny is how true it is and how epic of a job is done with the use of The Sims 3. Truly, The Sims 3 has such great features to allow players to create such concepts. The possibilities are endless. And so is my laughing. Check out the video here More »

When something becomes too big too quick, there’s bound to be backlash not far behind, usually in the form or parodies. Some are funny, others are mean or downright tasteless, but very few can manage as much a mix of sarcasm and giggles as Daniel Baxter and his team from More »

What if The Lost Boys met Twilight with a gender twist, under a fast-rising independent director of strong dramas and thrillers? It would give something that looks quite cool but with a German-spoken teaser… Anybody up for a translation? German supernatural thriller We Are the Night (Wir Sind Die Nacht) puts the vampire romance angle in the hands of a lady bloodsucker for what looks to be a very cool spin on its predecessors of the genre. More »



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