The great “Sparkling Skin” debate brought by Twilight and its vampires reflect an age-old question among aficionados of what we came to know as “bloodsuckers”: what exactly IS a vampire? More »

As much as I wish America’s Next Top Vampire was an actual reality TV show, it’s not. Given the current vampire trend, I don’t think I’m too far-off in saying that it’s possible. After all, how could producers not consider another Tyra Banks show when she’s got some funny-as-hell quotes about vampires? If she can inspire many women to, “smile wit yo’ eyes,” surely she can do the same for us swans. Take my list of Top Tyra Banks Vampire Quotes for example: More »

Well what do you know, New Moon, the latest movie from the Twilight Saga, brought in $140.7 million this past weekend in the US Box Office and a total of nearly $260 million worldwide ($258.8). That’s the third best opening weekend in the history of the US box office, with The Dark Knight ($158 million) and Spider-Man 3 ($151 million), being the top 1 and 2.

Now, did anyone really expect it to not to do well? The moment I heard there was going to be a sequel, I pretty much knew this movie was going to do well. I remember having this conversation with a co-worker, about whether or not Ninja Assassin can match New Moon’s opening weekend. It would blow my mind if Ninja Assassin made in its opening weekend as much as New Moon made in one day, a new box office record, $69.9 million. More »

Another week, another new Vampire Diaries cast member. If I were a vampire, I think my favorite show would have to be Showtime’s Dexter. It’s bloody and it’s on at night, simple enough. Since I’m not a vampire, it’s exciting news that James Remar, the actor that plays Dexter’s dad on Dexter, has recently joined The Vampire Diaries cast as Giuseppe Salvatore — Damon and Stefan’s bloodsucking dad. Ironically, there’s more blood on Dexter than there is on The Vampire Diaries. More »

Anyone who’s read the The Twilight Saga series or seen the films knows that Twilight, is basically fueled by pure cheese. Cheese that we all like to eat up, myself included. I specifically remember feeling like I had to put my ovaries on life support mid-way through the first Twilight book. Aside from causing ovaries to implode, the cheese serves the purpose of making things unintentionally funny. Take these Twilight merchandise products for example: More »

It’s official. Almost a year ago today, I killed it for myself by rushing off into a frenzy of serious Twilight Saga book reading. To commemorate this, I stood in line for an hour with what seemed like most of my city. If the release of New Moon were to serve as an anniversary of my time spent with the series, I’d say it was okay. Okay, like what lazy boyfriends do for anniversaries, okay. For those considering the Twilight Saga films to be more of a first date, I’m sorry it didn’t go so well. She/He at least made you laugh, right? More »

From Ningin: In the year 911 AD, the battle of the European vs. the Asian Vampires took place. (East vs. West)The Chinese Tang dynasty’s leader Zhu Quanzhong was to take over Europe, but his ill and elderly nature didn’t allow him to. A rebel within the West who hated Dracula left the vampire clan onward to China to immortalize the leader. A strong pact set before, was that Count Dracula forbade all of his minions to turn any empirical leader of the East into a vampire. More »

From Ningin: Just to let you know guys, but this is not a side by side comparison of Ninjas and Vampire powers, but more so what advantages a Ninja has as a Vampire slayer in your party. If you’re recruiting a vampire hunter party, you should have a Ninja on your team. More »

From Wirebot:

Vampires are staples of the world of horror but are much more than that. They are often attractive, bloodsucking, night flying, cape wearing, juggernauts of immortality. Take all of those qualities and add them to the qualities of some of your favorite video game characters and you can create a whole new monster of badass. Here are some of my favorites and characters I think would make some pretty decent creatures of the night. More »

If I could describe the pressure on New Moon to out best last year’s Twilight film, I’d say it’s like high school sweethearts on prom night… right after prom. You know what I’m talking about — the pressure is INTENSE. Will New Moon go all the way and live up to the hype? Will it prove to be a total score? Will I stop alluding to virginity loss? Maybe. Here’s a round-up of my Top 5 New Moon predictions. More »



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